Articles in the press


Kronospans activities in Europe

Kronospan Pollution into River Dee

Countryside County for Wales 2007 report

Air Quality Assessment within the Wrexham County Borough Council area


Fines for Kronospan’s pollution of river reduced

March 2002

Kronospan fined £60,000 for pollution

12 November 2004

Grand Canal Basin suffers a pollution setback

November 2004

£25,000 fine for Kronospan

28 Jun 2005

Opposition to Kronospan’s Kuppenheim facility (Gruber+Weber/Kronospan)

2001 -2002

Darf Kronospan Alles?

2006 Annual Report of the Czech Environmental Inspectorate, p16

July 2007

Kronospan’s CSR policy to improve polluter image in Slovakia

December 2007

Kronospan calls off Sk3.5 bln. investment in Slovakia

Kronospan fined EUR 900 000 by the Romanian Competition Council


Kronospan slips into the red despite rising production


In 2006 Kronospan illegally started building a second formaldehyde production plant at Sebes. Kronospan had bought this plant second hand in France from the Total-Atofina plant in Villiers Saint Paul. The plant produced several accidents….

Une incurie criminelle à l’origine de deux explosions

April 2004


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