Get involved!

Get involved in the Campaign ‘Pollution free Sebes!’

Become a cyber-activist!

Read the blog and the references indicated its section ‘Resources’ to get an informed opinion. Read the documents and materials available and send them to as many of your friends as possible.

Visit on a regular basis the section ‘Get Involved’ to participate in the campaign’s activities. Subscribe to the campaign’s mailing list in order to be kept updated with all news! Help us then by distributing this information to your contacts or by posting it on your blog or website!

What can you do today?

1) Send a petition to the Sibiu Regional Agency for Environmental Protection, asking it not to issue the environmental avis for the urbanistic plan for the formaldehydes production facility that was illegally built in 2007 in Sebes!

2) Send a petition to the Brasov Agency for Environmental Protection asking it not to issue an environmental accord to Kronospan for building a wood base panel production facility that would use formaldehydes in the town of Brasov. The construction was already started in 2008 without an environmental accord and without a construction license. Sample petition

Support the campaign ‘Pollution free Sebes!’ by making a donation!

Become a volunteer for the campaign ‘Pollution free Sebes!’

We always need help and your involvement in the campaign would offer you training opportunities in fields such as communication with the press, environmental legislation and administrative procedures, field work, etc. It’s very simple: send us an email at office at containing a short description of your interest in the campaign and approximately how much time you are willing to dedicate to your involvement in your voluntary work and we would only be happy to welcome you in our team!

Share with us any of your ideas on what can be done to stop the pollution of Sebes and to put a halt to the illegalities committed by the company and by the authorities involved !

We want to work together with people and organizations with no differentiation based on their nationality, religion, profession, etc. If you have ideas of what can be done to stop the pollution caused on Sebes by Kronospan or you know other campaigns and environmental activities that inspired you and you think they could serve as an example for the campaign ‘Pollution free Sebes!’ please share them with us!


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