About us

The Independent Center for Environmental Protection is an NGO based in Sebes, founded by a group of local citizens from this town. The local people’s initiative came as a reaction to the pollution generated by Kronospan (the largest wood base panel producer from South-Eastern Europe and a branch of the multinational corporation Kronospan).

The activities carried out by this company in Sebes already had a significant impact on the local population’s health and the environment. The adhesive used for the production of wood based panel is formaldehyde – a substances that can cause cancer, categorized as such by the World Health Organization.

The association initiated and coordinates the ‘Pollution free Sebes’ campaign which consists of a multitude of court actions, events, protest letters and awareness raising activities carried out with the support from several environmental NGOs, experts on environmental, urbanism, construction and industrial pollution issues, attorneys, etc.

The campaign’s aim is to prevent the extension by Kronospan Sebes of it’s existing formaldehydes production plant and to stop the pollution generated by the Kronospan industrial platform from Sebes.

Our interest for environmental protection is a long term one and our efforts are directed towards:

Our belief is that in a week state of law, governed by a corrupt and uncaring administration, the interests of the environment and local communities have to be protected by an informed and vigilant public.


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